Depending on the type of glass produced—float glass,

container glass or fiberglass—the production processes
and heat-enclosure requirements differ considerably.
Detrick offers appropriate constructions for each of these
industries, including suspended feeder end walls, waist
walls, waist cover arches, front walls, noses, roofs,
float bath entrance hoods, and float bath entrance and
exit lintels.
Fiberglass and float glass manufacturers appreciate
the stability and physical strength of our refractory
constructions for their own specific reasons: in fiberglass
production, for their high resistance to chemical attack;
and in float glass production, for their ease of installation
and successful prevention of batch contamination.
The refractory for the glass industry is specifically
designed for the individual customer’s needs. Detrick is
capable of supplying silica, bonded Alumina-Zirconia-
Silica, fused AZS and bonded mullite alumina refractory.
To increase thermal efficiency, insulation can be
incorporated on these walls. Suspended feeder end
walls with various combinations of these refractory
materials have provided excellent service for extended
furnace campaigns.